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About me

My goal has always been to teach and create art. I enjoy the balance of the quiet Contemplation of my studio with the social engagement of the studio class. This Interaction and sharing art ideas combined with my artistic process is essential for me in creating my own art.


I am an environmental artist that focuses on awareness and stewardship for local wild animals. I am deeply concerned that we as humans are mindful to speak-up, preserve and coexist with animal life. My paintings are both joyous and cautionary. Bright color, a wonderment for nature and dancing animals are in tandem with the message to preserve natural spaces and a respect for all living things. Included in my animal landscapes are plants that are not popular in our suburban lawns. These plants are essential for animal food and biodiversity. I am encouraged by the concept of a Symbiocene epoch on earth. Now is the time where we all need to help all things on earth to survive together.

My paintings are narrative. My stories are from personal experience, made-up stories and ideas that come to me when I am working.


I am an art educator who has taught and created art for over 40 years. Currently, I teach drawing and painting at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


My art work is shown extensively and my work is in many collections.


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing my work. No NFT.


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