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About me

My goal has always been to teach and create art. I enjoy the balance of the quiet contemplation of my studio with the social engagement of the studio class. This interaction and sharing of art ideas combined with my artistic process is essential for me in creating my own art. 

When thinking about my creative process, I am deeply interested in recording what I see, think, feel and remember. I am fascinated with color. I work with a variety of color combinations to convey mood, expression and symbolism. I am interested in how environments and spaces help define and tell the story of my figures, both human and animal. I try to use as many art tools as I can to create my pieces. For example, I may emphasize distortion or alter perspective. 

Animals, portraits, urban and natural, all play a role in my work. I always pay homage to my insatiable love of art history. 

I have taught and created my art for over 40 years. Currently, I teach drawing and painting art The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. My art work is shown extensively and my work is in many collections. 

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